Our Mission

Our mission is to provide ground-breaking, sustainable, beautifully designed apparel and accessories with modular patches that allow people to share their greatest passions with the world.

We're four design and apparel enthusiasts who did not understand why we all owned so many hats. They cluttered our closets, and there was no way to store them efficiently without ruining their shapes. Moreover, they were made with plastics and cotton sourced from, well, nowhere you'd feel good about working or living conditions, and their manufacturers weren't doing anything for humanity besides providing a bit of shade. After six months of kicking ideas back and forth and a year and a half of R&D, Canopy was born.

We're proud to bring you the last hat you will ever own: our sustainably sourced, ethically produced, and conscientiously manufactured headwear wunderkind that supports the fight against homelessness through a portion of its proceeds. Not only will Canopy apparel make you feel good for supporting those in need of shelter and the environment, but it will also frame your face like a supermodel and enable you to express your every desire through our proprietary interchangeable patch designs. Want to put some good vibes out into the universe? We have a patch for that. Want to support your favorite team? We've got you covered. Want to flex on the corner while you crack into a Slim Jim? We don't have that patch yet, but it's coming. 


Wear the Canopy limited edition Trucker hat with the brim pointed a bit lower than normal, and, if you live in a reasonably sized city, people will think you're Leonardo DiCaprio. Yes, that is a gross and inappropriate overstatement, but, even without an Oscar, you'll be able to feel a bit more like the earth-saving Leo thanks to Canopy's up-cycled, low-footprint, organic & recycled cotton construction. Don't just act like an actor, hat like an actor. 

To keep us both grounded, inspired, and honest with ourselves we've documented what we stand for as we embark on this exciting journey.