B2B and Custom

The common hat is seen over three thousand times during its lifespan, more than any other piece of apparel, so there's an opportunity to use our headwear as billboard for what matters to you and your people. Co-create custom patches with Canopy to:

  • Deepen a connection with customers, clients, and fans.
  • Start a conversation regardless of the crowd you're in.
  • Express your deepest desires (but please, not too deep).

Whether you want to make a private run for your employees, offer up something to your tribe, or collab with the Canopy team, our custom patch capabilities will keep your people pleased. There's an infinite amount of collaboration possibilities, so please use our ethos as an ideation guide:

  • We stand for passion and support those that have it.
  • We respect big viewpoints as long as they don’t make others feel small.
  • We appreciate rough edges - they usually coincide with big thinking and big doing.
  • We’re passionate about art of all forms - graphical, musical, film, and the art of athletic performance.

If a concept comes about that gels with our beliefs, it's hard for us to sit on the sidelines; let's get cooking. Canopy's in-house team is available to handle design requests, and, on a case-by-case basis, we might pair you with a well-known artist.

For all custom inquiries, bulk order, and potential wholesale relationships, reach out to josh@canopyhats.com.