Care Instructions

We believe the fabric your garment is made out of is just as important as the style it is cut into. We strive to find the best of the best in not only look and feel but in ease of care.

Hat Care

Because the loop material on each hat is meant to connect with our patches, it may occasionally attract some. This comes off in a jiffy with a lint brush.

Please avoid the temptation to place this unique product in the wash. A wet cloth with a drop of soap will do wonders for removing your average everyday dirt.

Patch Care

Just as with hats, a wet cloth with a dab of soap will keep your patches clean as a whistle. There’s one major thing to keep in mind here which is to avoid stacking patches on top of each other where the front of one patch connects with the back of another. This will create a snag that will diminish the look and longevity of the patch. Feel free to use the original packaging we provide to keep your patches separated and free from the elements.