Artist And Brand Collaborations

We're currently working with and looking to continue working with the best, the brightest, the known and unknown, the new innovators, and the iconic masters. If you're an artist, performer, athlete, or sports manager, and you think your designs or brand would make for a strong collab, please email 

Current Collaborations

   Adele Jackson

Adele by Adele Jackson was founded in the City of Angeles by designer  Adele Jackson in 2017. She created a lifestyle brand that not only allowed her to continue to be creative through traditional forms of art, but to also rethink clothing in a new way. Adele focuses on craftsmanship, sustainability, and conscious awakening with her work. Her inspiration is drawn from her home state of California through the urban active lifestyle and nature of the North and South. Proceeds from Adele by Adele Jackson help support National Parks, so start wearing some Adele patches!

   Scott Froschauer

Scott Froschauer is an experimental artist who lives and works in Los Angeles where his primary focus is on exploring new spaces and techniques for communication. 

His series "Word on the Street" is currently on view throughout the country as public works of art within various cities where he takes the familiar shape, color and type face of everyday street signs and changes the language. The language in ordinary signage is abrupt and standoffish, whereas Froschauer presents the viewer with a positive affirmation, rather then a warning. In 2018 Froschauer’s “Word on the Street” was included in the Smithsonian Collection at the Renwick gallery and is continuing to expand to additional cities across America.


Wallspace is a vibrant Los Angeles art gallery exhibiting abstract, contemporary & street art. Wallspace are very excited about finding new visions and contributing to the launch of careers whilst also representing more established Los Angeles-based artists. It regularly presents solo shows, pop ups and participate in International Art Fairs. If you want to build your collection with affordable, unique artwork, Wallspace can offer a wide range of pieces from urban, street and pop to stunning abstract works. All works are available to view online at and also on Artsy.