Giving Back

Every Hat Purchased Helps to Provide Shelter for Those in Need

At Canopy, we don't believe that the climb towards success and the act of being philanthropy are mutually exclusive. Furthermore, we don't believe that one need precede the other. To that end, we've made giving back an integral part of our job. 

Through our collaboration initiatives, we've already begun to explore supporting a wide range of non-profits through a pilot program called Patches For a Purpose. This initiative will help raise awareness for and financially support a variety of causes through the custom creation and sale of philanthropic patches. The same level of detailed embroidery evident in our product line will also present itself in these special edition pieces. 

While we believe in integrating and partnering with a wide varied of philanthropies, our first non-profit partner - billionBricks - remains close to our hearts. BillionBricks is a nimble, innovative organization that provides a variety of shelter solutions for the world's homeless. From transportable shelters built to withstand the harshest of mother nature's environments, to permanent homes with showers, insulation, and wi-fi, billionBricks has taken on the task of ridding the world of homelessness through its creations. For more information on billionBricks and how you can help in the fight against homelessness, please visit